EARTH DAY was this past weekend – April 22nd!

This is a worldwide holiday, and various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. That means that you will see numerous amounts of people doing eco-friendly things such as planting a tree, recycling, or something as simple as using a reusable water bottle. For those of you who attend this lovely university, we are very lucky our school has many initiatives that help us be eco-friendly.

Many come from our Office of Sustainability! Check out some alternatives and changes that YOU can make to have a greener impact on the world!

Campus Sustainability Initiatives

  1. If you are a quick, on the go kind of person you should consider eating at Lawrence Dining Hall. Our dining hall offers reusable take-out containers!
  2. We all know that driving and parking can be a hassle. For those of you who live down south campus you should consider walking up or down New St. to get around. That way you can get plenty of exercise and you will not have to be squished onto the shuttle.
  3. Our school also offers many other forms of transportation to consider such as the Bike Share Stations, Zip cars, and the good ol’ bus!
  4. Our campus also have 3 community gardens! You can get FREE items such as fruits and vegetables. It’s also very calming and aesthetically pleasing! They are located behind the Merion Science Center, The East Village, and The South Campus Apt Complex.
  5. If you are the kind of person who constantly drinks water consider buying a reusable water bottle. Our campus has filtered water bottle filling stations placed all over campus.