From “Hogwarts Houses,” a club dedicated to living out your childhood dream of being part of the magical world of Harry Potter, to the energetic turns, dips, and footwork of the “Swing Dance Club”, one thing is for sure:

There is a club or organization for EVERYONE at West Chester University!

With around 300 clubs and organizations at WCU, getting involved isn’t a challenge, and it will help make your college years the most memorable yet!

PLUS, being involved on campus allows you to:

  1. Explore a passion you have
  2. Meet awesome people with similar interests
  3. Create opportunities to network for jobs/internships in the future
  4. Get out of your room or apartment
  5. Make a positive impact in our community!

That being said, the Fall Involvement Fair is just around the corner:

Wednesday, September 5th


Academic Quad

Pause Netflix, get off your couch, and come out to see what you can do this year!

Fall Involvement Fair: