For many students, the word college is synonymous with stress. While it is important to do well academically, it is equally important to take care of yourself. When you are stressed, you may get sick, have trouble sleeping, and feel lonely. Here are 5 ways to reduce stress to give your mind and body the break they need.

  1. Release the tension in your body. We often hold tension in our body without even realizing it. Take a moment throughout the day to drop your shoulders, relax your jaw, and un-clench your hands.
  2. Play calming music. If you know you have a big day ahead, find slow, relaxing music that puts you at ease. Keep a pair of earphones in your backpack and listen to it when on the shuttle, walking to class, or while studying.
  3. Do a “mind dump.” Sometimes when we get too overwhelmed, it can be hard to even know where to start. Write down every task you need to complete on a piece of paper. Being able to visualize your to do’s will take a load off your brain from trying to remember it all. With a clear mind, you can then set up an action plan to tackle the list.
  4. Get off campus. Town is just a walk away and has great restaurants, shops, and events. Take some time to try a new food, support a local business, or find a new interest! Treating yourself to a fun time can help take your mind off of everything for a bit.
  5. Reach out to friends. If you are stressed out, chances are your friends, roommates, or classmates are too! Meet up for coffee or lunch and enjoy the company. Just being able to talk to other people who understand can be refreshing and validating for everyone.


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