Eating in college can be such a hassle. Do you stay at home and cook for yourself or do you venture out for take-out? Whatever you choose, here are some things to think about:


Savvy grocery shopping

If you’re looking to save money, come up with a budget and stick to it. Couponing is one of the easiest ways to help you with this. You don’t need to become an extreme couponer and most coupons can be found on your phone! Downloading your local grocery store’s app can help you out. A lot of grocery stores will also give student discounts… just ask!

Meal Planning/ Meal Prep

Instead of adding more stress to your life, spend an hour or so on a Sunday planning and prepping your meals for the upcoming week. Make enough and store it in your fridge so you can grab-and-go whenever you need!

The Pros of Eating out vs. The Pros of Cooking for yourself
Time saver More nutritious/ healthier lifestyle
Can potentially cost more You are in control of what you put in your body



Social outlet Time to yourself
Drink costs Free drinks
Leftovers! Another meal for the next day (It’s all about balance)




There are also a few resources on campus for food!

  • Resource Pantry: Located on the bottom floor of Commonwealth it is available to all students both graduate and undergraduate. No need for an appointment!
  • West Chester University Facebook page: There is a public Facebook page titled “Free Food @ West Chester University” This page is a space where, “By spreading awareness and posting where free food will be across campus, we can help reduce food waste and help one another get that next meal.” Note this is not through the University but run by students.
  • Commuter Fridge in Sykes: On Friday’s the food in the fridge is free for students to take. There is food from Starbucks, PODS and the markets! Each item has an expiration date on it through stickers!
  • Meal Plans


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