Decorating your apartment can be stressful, did you know adding plants not only improves the look of your space but can benefit you! Add some growth to your apartment or dorm room with easy to care for plants- that have added uses besides looking pretty!


  • Mint plants can grow in small to medium pots in partial sunny windows.  As long as the pot was drainage holes in the bottom and is watered only when the soil gets dry, minty is good to go!
  • USES: mint can be ground and added to water or tea, and chewed on to unclog your nose!



  • A succulent, aloe Vera does not require much water (about once per week, or when soil starts to lose moisture) and loves sunny windows.  Plant in a pot with drainage holes!
  • Harvest one leaf at a time from the aloe Vera plant and slice it open to reveal clear goo, which can be used as a skin moisturizer or a soothe for sunburn!


  •    Pothos is a vine plant of different shades of yellow and green, and will grow as big as you let it!  They love moderate light. Let its soil dry after a watering before watering again.
  •   Pothos’ vine arms are great for decorating– drape the vine atop cabinets, window sills, shelves, or your fridge!


  •  Basil grows very quickly, and likes warmer and brighter environments.  Make sure your plant’s pot was drainage holes, and allow for the soil to not be soggy, but instead always slightly moist.
  •   Fresh basil is awesome on top of homemade pizza and in pasta sauces. Harvest its leaves bottom to top, not taking all the leaves at once, but only a few at a time.


  •   Jade is a beautiful succulent which requires little water and loves light and warm spaces.  Plant in pot with drainage holes!   
  •  Jade is said to literally grow your wealth and friendship in the Eastern beliefs of Feng Shui.  


How are you going to spruce up your living situation this semester?


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