Back to the Beginning…The holidays have come and gone and now we’ve begun a new year. There’s not much going on right now, especially now since the fall semester is over and we are on break. Even though we’re tempted to be very lazy people during this period of hibernation, our New Year’s Resolutions drag us out of bed and make us get our butts moving.



But what if you’re that person who doesn’t set any goals or resolutions because you’re unsure what you want to do with your life or where you would like to be?



Try to take the time to reflect on what you would like to accomplish this year. Think about it. Write it down. Keep a note of it on your smartphone. Surround yourself with photos that will inspire you to accomplish your goals. Some resolutions may be that you would like to have a more nutritious diet or you would like to exercise more often. Maybe you would like to pick up a new hobby, like writing a journal, or you would like to travel.



But what if you just don’t have any motivation to change your ways? What if you’re tempted to keep things the way they were?



The first couple of weeks will always be the hardest. You must be willing to break the monotonous cycle and take that plunge! Don’t be hesitant to go for what you want; it will be worth it once you achieve that goal.



Now, go out there and have some fun! 2019 is waiting for you 🙂




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