Maybe you’re dating, seeking someone, single, or simply not romantically interested.  No matter your relationship status, Valentine’s Day can seem awkward. February is not solely about dating and lovers; it is simply a highlight on L-O-V-E, pure and simple! Instead of looking at what you’re missing, look at the love that exists in your life in other areas: your family, friends, and pets.


  • Don’t have a date? That’s great!
    • Spread love by volunteering, picking up trash, or helping a friend with homework.
  • Third Wheeling? Beat that Feeling!
    • Invite other single friends along with you to hang.
  • Broken Heart? Make some Art!… (or whatever.)
    • Single living frees up your time to enjoy activities you love, which also helps heal a heartache after a recent breakup.
  • Observe What You Like!
    • Single life allows you to learn more about yourself, ad others before you get into a relationship. Friendship is the best way to get to know someone to see their true colors and bond without the pressures of dating.
  • Who’s that Babe in the Mirror? OMG IT’S… YOU!!!

Getting to know yourself allows you to get used to it in the future if you need to be by yourself.  Being comfortable being alone makes job transfers, new friend groups, and new opportunities seem less scary– plus this helps foster self-confidence and independence!