Friendship, just like candy bars, comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and packages. Often times we have different friends who each bring out something special in us based off what we have in common with them.  For example, my best friend Emma is my friend I go to when I want to relax and have an intellectually stimulating conversion, while my friend Gabriela is my go-to friend for some jolly chuckles and silliness!  Friends love you for who you are, regardless of your flaws.  Although you may be different in your likes and dislikes, friendships start due to a common factor, typically stemming from when people(s) have the same definition of friendship.  We have work friends, school friends, old friends, and best friends.


Friendship looks differently for everyone, but more often than not…

  • Friends do not force you to participate in things you do not want to do.
  • Friends do not manipulate you, use you, or seem to only want to hang with you when you have money, food, etc.
  • Friends not only support you when you fall down, but help you get back up, too.
  • Friends not only vent about their days, but ask you about your feelings, too.
  • Friends respect your friendship rules: personal space, using/borrowing personal items, and what you do/don’t like to do.
  • Friends have my best interest at heart.
  • Friends also listen when you need to talk to them about something– did your friend hurt your feelings? Tell them.  Even if they do not agree with your perspective, friends are willing to listen and respect how you feel.
  • _________________________________________________________ (Add your own elements!)


If you ever find that a friendship no longer works for you, remember that sometimes relationships need to end. Ending a friendship often times is easier said than done.  Physically distancing yourself from this person, as well as through social media platforms, often helps the breakup.  However, if this person inappropriately retaliates via gossip, threats, verbal and or physical abuse, seek help immediately from the services on campus- Public Safety, Counseling Center and Student Health Services.


College is a time of making friends, finding out who you are and who you do and do not belong with.  Evaluate each relationship you have, because they all affect your emotions, behaviors, and self-esteem– key factors in your success here as a college student & forever in the future!