Summer vacation is what most of us look forward to the minute the semester begins. Just 15 long weeks before freedom. While summer is when most of us chill out, relax, and head to the beach, it is also a good time to stay on top of your game or get ahead! I personally dread when someone asks what I’m going to be doing over the summer, but it’s also a good motivator.


While you’re enjoying yourself, take time throughout the summer to think about different career opportunities as well

  • Internships
  • Job shadowing
  • Volunteering
  • Summer classes

These are a few ways you can make sure you are getting a well-rounded experience. Doing so will also help to make you less stressed during the next semester. The more prepared you are going in, the less you will have to actually worry when the time comes. All of these things can also help you sift through what you do and do not like so you can find your passion.

Make sure that you don’t stress yourself out too much over break. While you’re making major moves, give yourself time every once in a while, to relax; whether that be going to the beach, laying out in the sun, hanging with friends, or reading a book.


Don’t forget to Be Well too! Make sure you’re applying sunscreen, staying hydrated and being active!